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Welcome to Catwalk Opera, the home of unparalleled musical elegance, where the majesty of opera meets the allure of high fashion. Led by the distinguished Mrs Europe Global 2024 and certified opera singer Monika Spruch, our performances create a sensory experience like no other.

We specialize in curating bespoke musical experiences that blend the timeless beauty of classical opera with the chic glamour of the catwalk, ensuring each performance captivates and enchants your guests. Our extensive repertoire spans classical masterpieces, modern operatic works, and beloved Broadway hits, allowing us to tailor the music to the theme and atmosphere of your event perfectly.

Whether you're envisioning a traditional operatic show or a unique, fashion-forward musical spectacle, Catwalk Opera is equipped to exceed your expectations. Our performances are not just heard; they are seen, felt, and remembered, making your event stand out with an air of sophistication and a flair of the extraordinary.

Immerse your event in the world of Catwalk Opera – where music, fashion, and passion intertwine to create unforgettable moments.

Mrs Europe Global 2024Certified Opera Singer
Monika Spruch


Fashion Shows

Monika Spruch is the perfect choice for any fashion show looking to dazzle and impress its guests. Not only is she an exceptional soprano singer with years of experience under her belt, but she also brings a unique fashion flair to any event through her experience as a model.

With her beautiful voice and captivating presence, Monika adds timeless elegance to any fashion-related event. Her years of working in music and modeling have honed her vocal talent and stage charisma, making her the perfect candidate for any upcoming occasion.

When you choose Monika Spruch for your next fashion show, you can rest assured that you are getting one of the best in both music and modeling.

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Speaking Engagement

Engage with Monika Spruch, Mrs Europe Global 2024 and renowned opera singer, for inspiring speaking engagements and media interviews.

Monika is more than just a performer. She is a storyteller and symbol of elegance, offering profound insights into opera, fashion, and empowerment. Ideal for conferences, corporate events, or charity galas, her pageantry journey and artistry resonate with a wide range of audiences.

Available for media interviews, keynote speeches, and guest appearances, Monika brings a touch of sophistication and inspiration to every event.

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Charity Events

Professional soprano singer and fashion model Monika Spruch is the perfect choice for any charity event. With her powerful vocal range, coupled with her stunning looks on the stage, she can easily captivate any audience and create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. 

Her years of experience in music and modeling have honed her exceptional vocal talent and stage charisma, making her the ideal candidate for raising awareness and funds to support a good cause.

From whimsical background music to heartfelt solo numbers, Monika elevates each performance to an incredible level of emotion and unmatched artistry. When you choose Moniks Spruch for your next charity event, you can rest assured that your cause will be well represented by one of the best in the industry.

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Corporate Events

Monika Spruch is the ideal addition to any corporate event. Her soprano singing prowess and fashion model finesse create an atmosphere of unprecedented elegance, elevating the standard for all professional occasions.

Her years of experience working in both music and modeling have honed her superior vocal talent and stage presence, making her the ideal candidate to create a memorable experience for your guests.

Whether you are looking for upbeat background music or an extravagant solo performance, Monika adds a touch of class with her strong vocal range combined with chic style. Make your next gathering something truly special today!

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Beauty Pageants

Monika Spruch is the total package for any beauty pageant – she's a professional soprano singer, a fashion model and poised to captivate an audience with her stunning talent.

Her powerful vocals soar to touch hearts with emotion while her runway presence dazzles all viewers - a true star!

Whether you are looking for an upbeat performance to open up the show or a heartfelt solo to close it off, Monika has the skills and expertise to deliver unparalleled entertainment. When you choose Monika Spruch for your next beauty pageant, you can be sure that your event will be graced by one of the best in the industry.

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Private Events

Monika Spruch is the perfect choice for any private event, from birthdays to bar mitzvahs and black tie affairs. Her gorgeous vocals, combined with her experience in both music and modeling, make her the ideal choice for special occasions. 

Her engaging presence is assured to fill your event’s atmosphere with an enchanting warmth that will captivate your guests.

With Monika’s unmatched skill set at your next event, get ready to be captivated!

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Make your special day more extraordinary with Monika Spruch – the luxurious soprano and crossover singer who'll take you and your loved ones on a melodic journey like no other through customized performances.

Monika Spruch has an incomparable vocal range and talent to bring your special day to life with a truly magical atmosphere. From classic love songs to modern-day hits, she can find the perfect selection of music for any wedding.

Hire Monika Spruch as your wedding singer ensures a day of unforgettable memories that will live on for years to come.

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