Catwalk Your Event

What is Catwalk Opera?

Catwalk Opera, founded by Monika Spruch, an award-winning international model and certified Soprano singer, blends classical music's beauty with the catwalk's fashion-forward elements, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for your guests. For more info, click here.


What Are Catwalk Opera Performance Fees?

Each Catwalk Opera's experience is unique and tailored to your private event, fashion show, wedding or fundraising event. Contact us today, and let's discuss various options that can create a memorable experience for your event!


Do You Offer Performance Packages?

As a versatile and experienced certified soprano singer with a background in fashion, I offer a range of packages and customization options to suit various event types and preferences. Here are some of the options available:

Standard Performance Package: This includes a captivating live performance tailored to your event's theme and ambiance. Prices for this package typically range from [$500 - $10,000], depending on factors like duration and location.

Customized Repertoire: If you have specific songs or arias in mind, I offer the option to customize the repertoire to align perfectly with your event. Additional fees may apply based on song selection.

Catwalk Opera Experience: This unique fusion of fashion and music incorporates my background as an awarded fashion model, creating a truly special experience. Pricing for Catwalk Opera varies based on the scope and scale of the event.

Collaborative Performances: For larger events or collaborations with other artists, pricing will be determined based on the specific requirements and arrangements.

Sponsorship and Brand Collaborations: I offer opportunities for brand partnerships and sponsorships, providing a valuable opportunity for mutual promotion.


What Does Catwalk Opera Consider When Quoting for a Private Event?

  1. Location: The location of the event will affect the quote as travel costs and logistics may be involved for events outside my Monterey Bay base location.

  2. Date and Time: The date and time of the event will affect the availability of the singer and potentially the cost.

  3. Duration of performance: The length of the performance will impact the quote as longer performances will require more time and effort from the singer.

  4. Number of singers: The number of singers requested will affect the quote as more singers may require additional fees or travel costs.

  5. Special requests: If the client has specific musical requests or the need for special equipment, this will be taken into consideration when providing a quote.

  6. Type of event: The type of event (wedding, corporate event, etc.) will affect the quote as some events may require different levels of preparation or specific musical selections.

Overall, Catwalk Opera strives to provide a fair and competitive quote based on these and any other relevant factors, while ensuring the highest quality performance for the client's special event.

Can Catwalk Opera Perform with a Live Band or Orchestra?

Monika Spruch of Catwalk Opera has experience performing with live bands and orchestras and is comfortable working with different types of musicians.

Do You Accommodate Special Song Requests?

Catwalk Opera is able to accommodate special song requests, but there may be additional fees for rehearsing new material.

Can Catwalk Opera Accommodate Special Requests such as Duo Performances?

Catwalk Opera can accommodate special requests such as duo performances as long as they fit within the technical and logistical constraints of the venue. Contact us in advance to discuss the details of the request and to ensure that it can be accommodated.


Can You Provide a Livestreaming Service of My Event?

Catwalk Opera's media production team offers live-streaming services to broadcast on popular platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. Private link live streams are also available.

Can You Customize the Performance According to my Event's Theme?

From music selection to wardrobe style and color, Catwalk Opera can customize your event or fashion show experience to fit your event's theme.

Can You Provide Other Entertainment Services for My Event?

Catwalk Opera can enhance your event experience with various add-ons and talents, including ballroom, fire and acrobatic dancers, event photography, video production, live streaming, LED screen wall projection experience and more!

What Type of Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and cash payments for our services at Catwalk Opera.